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The ministry of music is one of the most ostensible elements of worship at St. James.  Our worship is filled with the sounds of singing which invites the whole congregation to participate in the celebration and glorification of God. 

Whether acappella or accompanied by organ, harp or piano our volunteer choir plays a very special and beautiful role in our corporate worship.  Our choir ranges in membership from professional vocalists to novice singers and is truly open to all who wish to offer their time in praising God through their musical talent--however burgeoning!

Dr. Jeremy Chesman, DMA, is our organist and choirmaster.  You will be impressed and delighted by the wonderful blend of talent, knowledge, and impeccable personality he lends to our music program through his leadership.  

Paul’s Epistle to the Church at Ephesia calls Christians to "be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.  Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord…”  We encourage you to answer this call and come find your voice with us at St. James. To join our ministry you can call the church office for more information or simply arrive by 9:30am each Sunday in the choir room!  You are very welcome!

Our volunteer choir takes a summer break each year during the month of August.

Dr. Jeremy Chesman

Choir Director

I Love St. James


About Music
How wonderful it is!

I've made so many friends who are so supportive; men and women of all ages.  I love our birthday prayer; it says so much, so well.  Yes, I definitely love the music and the choir and being in the choir.  We sing such great songs!!! - Jan -


I love St. James
Reflections from a member

I love the adult Sunday school.  Before choir, I attended it faithfully and learned so much.  It was just a simple, "Why don't you come to Sunday school?" from Zelle Bontrager who was teaching it at the time.  So the next week I did.  And it didn't matter that I didn't even have a bible or had barely read it.  I could ask all the 'dumb questions' I wanted to and was just accepted and loved and embraced in return. - Ms. Hutcherson