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Gather around the Table and Pray for Healing!
3rd Wednesdays @ 6 pm (Lent 2018)

The primary ministry of Jesus is healing. He came to this world to reconcile and heal. His mission was to bring redemption, change, and wholeness which is taken away from us every day through our acts of omission or commission.

In this healing service, our priest and trained ministers through the laying on of hands implores God's healing touch upon all who need it. You will be invited to come forward to the altar to experience the power of Jesus who can heal memories of the past, moments of life now and movements of the future. When the paralyzed was brought to Jesus, or when the blind or lame were brought to Him, Jesus first removed the obstacles for healing by forgiving their sins. Jesus helped those who came to him to get in touch with their inner self and encouraged them to make a change in their lifestyle. "Come follow me."

Anointing with oil is an integral part of this worship night. Communion from the table completes the evening. Anyone from any background of faith or not, seeking healing is invited to join.

Anyone in need of healing. If you believe God can touch your lives and make changes, you are welcome.
Healing service takes about 45 minutes depending on the number of people coming up for laying on of hands.
No. You don't have to be a member of St. James church or any other church. But we encourage you to connect to a faith community to continue in the experience of healing.
All are welcome to St. James Healing Nights. We are open to all people of all persuasions. No one will be judged for who they are. We believe God has a place in His heart for you no matter who you are.
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