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Centered on christ, focused on Jesus!
1st Wednesdays @ 6 pm (Lent 2018)

We are constantly pulled to different directions in life. We are distracted by many things, like Martha to whom Jesus says, "Martha Martha, you are worried about many things, Mary has chosen the better part." We believe each of us has a calling. Some of us are called to be Martha and others are called to be Mary. Some who are active and others who are contemplative. Our spiritual satisfaction comes from knowing where we belong and how we gather our energy. 

Contemplative Mass is a celebration of the Liturgy with silence, integrating Lectio Divina practice and centering so that some of us who need internal quietness can experience and deepen their relationship with Christ. This is a powerful form of worship for those who need quiet, peaceful and solemn worship experience. With simple inspiring music and chants in the background, this celebration becomes some of the best forms of worship for many who are seeking solitude while they pray. 

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  • Mon, 27 September
    You who revere the Lord, wait for God's mercy. Do not turn aside from God. (Sirach 2:1-9)