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Table Of Plenty is the table of the Last Supper. In the upper room, Jesus and his disciples gathered for a meal. They had no agenda, just fellowship, a farewell meal and communion. They sat to eat, and in the midst of it, Jesus shared how powerful it is to sit around a table and let go of all those things that stops us from being a child of God. The table of fellowship was the way forward and Jesus knew that it's the best way of letting go of our insecurities and fears.

How is this service modeled?
  • Gather on the 2nd Wednesday at 5:30
  • As a community set the table
  • At 5:45 we come around our large dining table
  • We start this meal with a couple of hymns
  • A few prayers after the hymns
  • Breaking of the bread and wine
  • Serving the meal and fellowship
  • A moment of thanksgiving and songs
  • Sharing our joys, our pains, and our struggles.
  • Everyone joins to clean up and put everything back in order.