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Elaine Atkinson, Marge Francis, and Dottie Kaiser

St. James has a long history of passionate outreach to our local, national and worldwide community.  Outreach at St. James is facilitated through a committee, the purpose of which is to coordinate our giving opportunities within the congregation of St. James Episcopal Church.

On a regular basis, this open committee meets to...

  • Review needs and requests from the community
  • Select monthly and special offerings and/or projects
  • Plan for and inform the congregation of designated needs
  • Co-ordinate and take leadership in completing special Outreach projects
  • Sponsor the L. D. Pyle Tutoring Program
  • Provide delegates to The Council of Churches’ annual meeting


Elaine Atkinson, Marge Francis, and Dottie Kaiser

Accomplishments for 2016:

Met in January and September for long-range planning

  • Selected a variety of local and global charities
  • Kept the congregation informed during Sunday announcements, notices in “News Notes” and bulletin board postings of all outreach opportunities & project outcomes
  • Encouraged regular participation and increased numbers of congregants participating in Outreach activities
  • Continued “hands-on” projects i.e. Crossline Pantry,  Shoes for Field Elementary students and Senior/Shut-in Christmas  gift baskets
  • Distributed funds to the following organizations:


Council of Churches--------------------------------------------------$500

FEB / MAR - Lenten Offerings

Episcopal Relief and Development------------------------------$1050.00
Good Friday      The Church in Jerusalem----------------------$831.00
Easter Offering   McDonald Tooth Truck-------------------------$682.00


Crossline Pantry $500.00 cash + goods--------------------------$1817.16 total value


Youth Scholarship Fund------------------------------------------------$300.00


Crossline Pantry June Pledge $500.00 + goods----------------$1761.91 total value
Crossline Emergency Gift----------------------------------------------$900.00


Field Elementary School, Back Pack Food Program-------------$500.00

OCT - 

Crossline Food Pantry   $500.00 + goods---------------------------$1238.14
Shoes for Field Elementary-----------------------------------------------$991.07


Thanksgiving Offering- The Kitchen-----------------------------------$800.00
Field Elementary        Holiday Food Basket   -----------------------$500.00


Millennium Dev Goal Grant, Episcopal Relief & Development--$1000.00
Council of Churches, Safe to Sleep Matching Funds--------------$350.00
Crossline Matching Funds   $250.00 + goods-----------------------$825.00
Council of Churches,  “Share Your Christmas- Seniors” ----------$500.00
Council of Churches, Winter Homeless Count-----------------------$500.00
St. James, Christmas Boxes for Seniors/Shut-Ins-------------------$200.00 (goods)
2016 Birthday Offerings, Wish I May------------------------------------$600.00


2016 Discretionary Funds, General Congregational Outreach---$1628.84
2016 Seminary Support-----------------------------------------------------$500.00
Honorarium, Bathroom Project- St. John’s, St. Louis----------------$250.00

 TOTAL OUTREACH DISTRIBUTIONS                                          $17,225.12     

Goals for 2017:

Continue to select relevant local and global charities for monthly Outreach Sunday collections and special projects

  • Continue to keep the congregation informed
  • Be open to new suggestions
  • Increase the # of people involved in the committee & special Outreach projects
  • Secure MDG grant funds from Diocese of West Missouri
  • Have a vestry representative as part of the committee
Message from the Outreach Committee:

2016 has been another wonderful year for Outreach ministries. The St. James family has seen the need in our community and has continued their commitment to generous Outreach giving. We have continued to share the many blessings we have with the “least of these” in our local and global communities! Thank you for doing your part in these ministries. Our record of giving continues to demonstrate St. James’ commitment to serving Christ through serving others.  May we continue and grow these good works into 2017!

To get involved with St. James or to donate, please call the Church Office and leave a message for the Outreach Committee.

Check out a few of the charities we partner with and donate via the links on the right:

The L.D. Pyle Tutoring Program

The purpose of the L.D. Pyle Tutoring Program is to provide supplemental instruction to academically disadvantaged students.  This instruction takes place at Eugene Field Elementary School.  Each volunteer is under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher to whom he or she has been assigned.  This teacher assigns the student and the work to be completed each session.  

We are always looking for more dedicated volunteers to contribute to the valuable service of this organization and would welcome your participation!

To become involved, please call the church office and leave a message for Marge Francis, Program Chairwoman.