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News Notes 02/13/2020

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It is wonderful to hear a full choir with beautiful parts blending in. We already had a great choir. But with the addition of five more new people to the choir, it sure sounds fabulous, not in its volume, but in its depth and completeness of the sound. Great boost to a great group of committed members of the choir. Thank you for doing this ministry together and now extending your generosity to the college students. Thank you.

Jesus can be seen as a model of how we should be as humans in this world. How do we reconcile the humanity of Jesus with His divinity? How do our beliefs about the virgin birth influence our approach to Jesus? Please bring your thoughts to this lively discussion.

We have put out several copies of the Lenten Schedule. They can be overwhelming because it looks like there are lots of things going on and you can’t make them all. The reason for putting this calendar out is to make it easy for you to plan ahead what kinds of spiritual practice you could do different from the rest of the year so that your Spiritual Life catches on a new fire and fervor. Is it important for our spiritual life to be on fire? Yes, it is because a spiritually satisfied individual will change the world. And sure you will agree with me, we need people who are on fire with god. You may be the change that the world is waiting for. So, please pick up the lenten schedule from church or print it when you get them in an email.



We are fast approaching one of the holiest seasons of the year: Lent. During lent we reflect on what it means to be the beloved of God. Because God has gone so far as to give up His only Son for our well being, our redemption, and our eternal joy. It is the least we can do to reciprocate God’s love for us, namely to reflect on our lives. During this season we will talk about the Son of God dying for our sins to save us, to bring us redemption and so on and so forth. These Theological versions of faith sometimes are hard to understand. That’s why I put it simply that lent is a way of connecting with God that we may change our lives.

This is a season when we practice our belief in God in ways that are tangible, real, and measurable. This is a season when we truly put into practice what we proclaim through the year as our response to God’s love for us and our love for God. So I invite you again, as I did in the last couple of years, to make this next forty days, starting on Ash Wednesday, a time of prayer, fasting, and arms-giving.

I want to encourage you to reflect on what you can do to improve your prayer life. I invite you to reflect on what can you do to change the way you care, share, and bare with one another starting with your family. Make a pledge to do a little more than what you are used to doing in expressing your faith, your love, and your care for those who are near and dear to you. Claim your home as your holy ground. Claim your faith as the fuel for the journey.

Fr. Jos+


The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out
by Brennen Manning
Click here to buy The Kindle Version or Paperback Book directly from Amazon or sign up for it at church on Sunday.

Most of us believe in God’s grace—in theory. But somehow we can’t seem to apply it in our daily lives. We continue to see Him as a small-minded bookkeeper, tallying our failures and successes on a score sheet.

Yet God gives us His grace, willingly, no matter what we’ve done. We come to Him as ragamuffins—dirty, bedraggled, and beat-up. And when we sit at His feet, He smiles upon us, the chosen objects of His “furious love.”


“Brennan Manning does a masterful job of blowing the dust off of shop-worn theology and allowing God’s grace to do what only God’s grace can do—amaze.”
-Max Lucado, Bestselling author of The Gift for All People

“I found deep comfort in realizing that Jesus loves even me, a ragamuffin, just as I am.”
-Michael Card, Musician, recording artist, and author of A Violent Grace

“This is a zestful and accurate portrayal that tells us unmistakably that the gospel is good, dazzlingly good.”
-Eugene Peterson, Author of The Message

Buy The Book Ragamuffin Gospel

Mark Your Calendars!!
Mardi Gras is just around the corner!

Invite your friends, family and neighbors to come for good food, kids’ parade, fun karaoke singing, and celebration of this annual event at St. James.

To make this party another rousing success, your help is greatly appreciated to get everything ready.

Here’s how you can participate! Come for one or more of these activities.

Kid’s Sunday School, Feb 16
Children decorate shoebox floats. Please urge your kids to come for this fun time together!

Our kids’ parade kicks off our Mardi Gras evening so their participation is very important!

Saturday, February 22, 9-11
Kitchen crew to prepare food. Many hands will make this a quick preparation. Bring sharp knives, cutting boards, food processors.

Sunday, February 23, after church
Set up tables and chairs in Parish Hall.

Monday, February 24: 10-noon
Decorating Parish Hall
Tuesday, February 25: 10-noon
Final decorating with balloons 2-6 Food preparation and final set up 6 pm until Mardi Gras Celebration


Victim Center’s
Volunteer Needed

The Victim Center in Springfield, Missouri, is holding a training for those who would like to be Volunteer Victim Advocates. It will be held on Saturday, February 22nd, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. An alternate date of Saturday, February 29th has been chosen if the weather prohibits the training on the 22nd.

The Victim Center serves all types of crime victims, all ages and genders, in Southwest Missouri by responding to those who call for help through the agency’s 24-hour crisis line, provides counseling, assists with emergency ex parte orders of protection, etc. We never charge a fee for any of the services offered.

The Victim Center’s Volunteer Victim Advocates need to be at least 20 years-old, required to attend trainings, monthly meetings, and choose their own shifts (2-4 each month is standard). Calls received come through the Professional Answering Service. An advocate’s personal information is never disclosed.

Interviews are underway now are necessary before the training. For an application packet and more detailed information, please contact Paula Tindell, Victim Advocate/Volunteer Coordinator, or (417)863-7273, Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Last Week of The Epiphany
02/23/202, Sunday 10:30 AM: Holy Eucharist/Food For The Poor Inc.
02/25/2020, Tuesday 6:00 PM: Mardi Gras

02/26/2020, Ash Wednesday 10:00 AM: Service of Ashes & Healing Service
Ash Wednesday 6:30 PM Holy Eucharist with Ashes



09:15 AM: Sunday School
09:15 AM: Adult Sunday School
09.30 AM: Choir
10.30 AM: Holy Eucharist


9:00 AM: Yoga with Penny Childress


10:00 AM: Healing Service
12:30 PM: Wrapped in Prayer


9:00 AM: Yoga with Penny Childress

February 9

Celebrant: Tharakan, Fr. Jos
Preacher: Tharakan, Fr. Jos
Deacon: Lynch, Dc. Suzy
Subdeacon: Durbin, Brett
Eucharistic Minister: Lanning, Bob
Lector: Hutcherson, Jan
Crucifer: Gourley, Greta
Acolyte 1: Tackett, Owen
Acolyte 2: Gillogly, Julie
Usher 1: Atkinson, Eric
Usher 2:
Greeter 1
Greeter 2
Hospitality: Terry, Gerald
Prayer Partner: Colwell, Judith
Organist Chesman, Jeremy
Altar Guild: Smith Becky

Children’s Ministry Schedule


16th: Mardis Gras Floats
23rd: Getting Ready for Lent


1st: Planning 5th Sunday (joint
Sunday School w/youth)
8th: Learning About Parts of the
15th: No Sunday School (Spring
22nd: No Sunday School (Spring
29th: Practice for 5th Sunday

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