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Genesis 27: Our Words Have Power

In this chapter and the next, we will hear a lot about blessings that were given or taken away or stolen. We all would like to be blessed by someone we love. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t want to be blessed by those whom they love? Those we love maybe our parents and grandparents or our children and grandchildren. Age does not matter, we would like to be blessed by another.

My mother, even when she was old, sought blessings from people who were older than her. She also sought blessings from her children and grandchildren. She would bless everyone regardless of who you were and believed in the power of blessings she gave.

The ancient world believed that blessings and curses have a kind of magical powers. If they blessed you with positive outcome, they believed that what they pronounced will come true. Similarly negative things.

In a way, we can say, yes, pronounced words have powers. Or else this world wouldn’t exist. In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word was God and therefore, in my opinion, every word spoken has power. Because words have power.

Words are doubled-edged swords, as St. Paul would say. They can go both ways. So the use of words to bless or curse can go both ways and affect the pronouncer of the words and the receiver of it. It will be a great thing for us to bless than to curse. If the words are double-edged, then why not give blessings than curses. I am sure blessings given are blessings returned. In this story of Isaac’s children, one is blessed and the other’s blessing is withheld. Through treacherous ways, Jacob received the blessing and for that Jacob is solely responsible to God. God will bless Esau regardless but Esau learned a lesson for being naive. He wanted his blessings back, but what has already gone out could not be withdrawn.

This story is a wonderful lesson for us to reflect and think before we utter words of any kind. Good or bad, blessings or curses, encouraging or discouraging words, once gone out, can not be withdrawn. They are in the universe to dispense the power it was sent out for. So, it will do good for us to remember before we speak, we are blessed with the same gift Jesus was blessed with. That is to create or destroy with our words. To bless another or to curse another is the call of everyone created by God through words that have power.

Jacob not only took the birthright of his naive brother, but he also took the blessings from him. Jacob’s story here is not a justification for doing the wrong thing. Jacob lived in fear for the rest of his life for what he did, even though Esau will deal with him kindly and with love. I would rather live free and happy than live like Jason with fear of his own brother. Our actions have consequences and our words have power.


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