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Genesis 24: The Power Of Blessing Another

Abraham’s Sarah died not seeing her son marry and have children. Even though she did not get to see her only son Isaac blossom, she died in peace trusting in God’s promises in getting her through the hard times.

As is in the case of every parent Abraham freaked out when the servant suggested maybe he could take Isaac to the land where he came from. Abraham rejects everything that might separate him from his son. He makes the servant promise never to do what he suggested.

When we look into the story of Abraham what we find is a man who initially doubted what God wanted from him but trusted blindly the promises God made him. That did not happen overnight. In Genesis 15 we find him complaining to God saying, “you have given me no offspring” to Genesis 24 where he assures his servant that the angel of God will go before him and make everything right.

This transformation from doubt to trust was not easy. Over the course of his life, we find him slowly trusting God wholeheartedly. It was not a moment of an extraordinary miracle. It took years of recalling life’s blessings that lead him to trust God at every moment. Likewise, it took years of practicing faith through doubt and complaints before Abraham could let go of his fears.

In this story of Isaac finding his wife Rebekah, we find similar patterns of experiences like that of his father Abraham. Isaac and his wife Rebekah go through similar moments of struggle, doubt, and even danger just like his father. But through it all, they both reach a place of confidence in the ways God works in life.

Many people do not realize in reading this chapter that there is a very simple but powerful pattern of blessings which we see the main characters practice. Even when things were not clear Abraham did not fail to bless the servant. The servant blessed Abraham in return and promises to follow his wishes. The servant praises God for leading him to the right person. Rebekah’s brother and mother blessed Rebekah, the journey and the future. They also blessed the future of the children of Rebekah, Esau and Jacob, and a life that defeats everything negative in their lives.

In the end, we find Isaac blessed by Rebekah’s loving friendship her mothering care and comfort and her overall compassion.

Solution #24: Seldom do we realize there is always grace in blessing one another. No matter what life presents to us, no matter who the other person is, blessing another human being brings about the best in us and we receive the best in return. We are better people for blessing one another. In one shot  is an opportunity to get two birds, except both the birds will be alive, unlike the idiom that says, “killed two birds with one shot.” There is nothing to kill when we bless. There is nothing to die when we bless. There is nothing that is destroyed in blessing. Rather even the gates of our foes could be opened to give us security and love we need. Blessing one another is the key that opens the door to blessings in life. Blessing others is being blessed.

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