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Genesis 15: Two Sides Of A Coin

When we go deeper into the study of this scripture today, we find how God watches over the feelings, the emotions, the experiences and the fears of His chosen people. As you know Abram just came out of a war and so we find him exhausted from it. Yes, he did not fall for the temptation to keep the plunder, the land, the women or anything else. After fighting with a bigger enemy than his own, I am sure Abram is now anxious, because you never know who is going to come after you when you settle, calm down or when you let your guards down.

In Genesis 14 we saw Abram defeated the king Melchizedek. Abram was generous and kind and left the king alive and well. But that does not mean he was not afraid of the future or the things that he does not know about in the future.

When he fell into a deep sleep, Abram had a vision. But what he heard in the vision was even more powerful. He was told not to be afraid of what lies ahead. He was asked to let go of his fears, but trust God to lead him. Even though things are not as clear as he wants, God assures him, that God will walk with him all the way. He will live long and have a happy ending that is peaceful.

The whole story here reveals the naked thoughts of Abram on one side and the plan God has for us in such moments on the other. Abram knew he does not have a child to inherit whatever it is that he has and God gives him. He knew he is old. He also knew his wife was old enough not to bear a child for him. All of these fears in Abram was known to God as well.

Sometimes I wonder if the Lord really understands what I am going through. I don’t dare speak my fears out, but I am sure, God does read my hearts and thoughts. Even when I know God knows things, I am not able to quieten my heart from fear. I have thought sometimes that I can control the outcome if I knew what is to happen. I am only fooling myself if I believe I can control the future because the future and everything that surrounds my life is uncertain and beyond my control.

I want to remember, again and again, God does not and will not leave me alone when I am willing to walk the path he has shown me even when it is through the wilderness. When Abram gave up the plunder and saved the lives of others, God was watching the actions of Abram. His future was secured by God who watched with love the kindness of Abram. Abram was blessed with more than he needed by blessing him with children and family that will spread out to all corners of the earth.

In this story, I invite your focus on the stumbling man in Abram. He was afraid, lost, scared, anxious and worried about the future because of the past, present and all that was unknown to him in the future. God picks him up from those fears and rather than challenging and judging him, embraces him with promises beyond his imagination. This is the way of God. God is not a God of vengeance as many might think, but a God who reads the hearts, minds, and thoughts of mankind and helps them calm down in life if we are willing to listen.

Solution #15

Pure and sincere honesty in the eyes of God is always pleasing to God even when we are afraid, lost or angry. We all have a chance to be heard, loved and cared for in the middle of our fears. God is not leaving us alone, just like he did not when Abram was not sure what the future holds. Abram, through the grace of God, knew life was only beginning after an exhausting war. He was ready to reject his fears and accept God’s help when the Lord asked him to trust him.

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