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The Magic Of Christmas!

The mystery of Jesus’ birth is incredible because it comes with all kinds of interesting details. The angel Gabriel in person and in dream, the star in the east, the birth in the fields, the choice of the first visitors to the manger, the magi, escape from someone trying to kill him, and list of mystery surrounding the birth of Jesus goes on. Now we have added a few more to this list by bringing in a magical Santa clause and now there is Mrs. Clause, the reindeer that can fly, the slay bells and it goes on and on.

So this whole story of the birth of Jesus is something out of this world and beautiful. Children are the most beautiful and innocent of all people in the world. That’s why Jesus asks us to be like little children. Because children in their innocence believe in these stories of Santa, Flying Reindeer. This is a magical season because the mystery captures us beyond our imagination. The mystery of Christmas and Christ is magical because it defies human rational. Christmas escapes human constructs. Even the world that does not believe in Jesus is fascinated by the magic of the season.

We are invited to become part of what we do not understand and believe in the mystery of God’s power in our lives. God emerges from what we do not understand. And that is why we call it, “Tremendum et fascinans”. Tremendous and Beautiful things make faith come alive, because they are beyond human paradigms.

It is better put by J.M. Barrie, a 20th century writer, “I am not young enough to know everything”. We have lost our innocence to believe in everything and know everything as mystery and therefore believable. We are grown over the age of believing in the fascinating beauty of God and all that are Godly.

Faith is a mystery because you don’t have a clue about it while you believe it.

Hope is a mystery because it is still in the future of which you have no clue about.

Love is mystery, because you fall in love with people you don’t know why?

Everything that is beautiful in this world, remain beautiful because they don’t make absolute sense to us. The great wonders, the great arts, the great music and all of it contain in themselves the properties of Magic and Mystery and therefore remain aloof from human understanding.

Its like staring at Michael Angelo’s Pieta over and over.

Its like standing at the Niagra and still can’t get away.

Its like listening to Mozart a thousand times.

Its like watching the fireworks many times over.

And there are a lot more things you do again and again and again and still not gotten enough of it. That is because we all like what we don’t understand or define.

So today I want to invite you to believe in the magic of Christmas. Because you will be a whole lot happier when you can believe like the children, who are innocent and pure in their hearts waiting for the reindeer to fly and Santa to come down through the chimney.

Christmas is about letting go of our control of what is possible in our minds to what is possible for God. Christmas is about letting God’s magic make our miracles, just like we were created out of nothing. Just like we love without reason, we believe without proof, we hope without evidence. When faith, hope and love are lived out in a world of mystery, they become magical, transformational and powerful.

So once again what is magic? Magic is the powerful explosion of a mystery right in front of our eyes. Magic is produced by the hard working, the unassuming, humble, prayerful, beautiful and life changing people.  And the cast is today’s magical story is Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Magi, The animals and bystanders. And the Magic of their first belief in the mystery of God, then their hard work, long journey, cold nights is Jesus, is a savior for the world. And it makes no sense to us still.

When you begin to believe without proof, hope without evidence, and love without reason, then Christmas is here and it is everyday of your life. Wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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