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Christmas Is Here To Stay!

Today is Christmas. Christ was born as a human child two thousand years ago and today we celebrate that birth again. The reason Jesus is celebrated, I believe, is because he celebrated the lives of those around him.

Regardless of the rules and regulations, he had to follow he never failed to keep them aside when it came to caring for another human soul. His concern for the other was not for life eternal, but life present. He lived with and for those who around him at the time. Therefore his life became meaningful for those who came after him.

Life eternal is defined quite differently by Jesus by his living it fully. Birth of Jesus defined the possibility of a fuller life without fear for the future. Christmas opens the doors for the fullness of living as human beings. That means it can be in any life situation we are in, whether it is in poverty, wealth, clarity or confusion.

Christmas is here and now in whatever you find yourself to be in. Merry Christmas. For Christ was born at the most inconvenient time, place and people. Still, made it to resurrection in the end. We all have a chance to make it to the end regardless. Live fully and therefore we can love fully.

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