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Living Life Every day!

We are moving forward. With every New Year, we are advancing to the greatest of all the mysteries in the world, the fullness of Christ in our lives. What that means is no matter how the New Year turns out to be, we are still on a journey to realize the potential and possibility of God in our lives.

This also calls us for a journey of awareness through the things that happens in everyday life in the New Year. Christ’s cause will be advanced to its fullness regardless of our cooperation. Therefore working with God will be a good thing to do, because it helps us to be on track in life.

Every surprise that comes along the way will help us to live in the moment and live for the day. Not for the future and life eternal. It is a shame if we are preoccupied with life eternal and forget what is present here and now. Just because of the preoccupation for life after, we forget to live life present.

So make a resolution in life that every day will be the best day of your life. If every day is lived out as the best day as possible, then every day of the future will be better than the day before. So no worries. Live joyfully.

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