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Gift Of Time

We are quickly approaching the special day of Christmas. Most of us have celebrated this particular feast day as long as we can remember. We know what is coming and we anticipate all the traditions that come within our own families and our own church. There is really nothing new but we make an effort each year to make it new and special.

For those of us who have lived their childhood and are now in their adult years, many of the family traditions that take place have happened time and time again…..maybe 20 or 50 years. It is easy to lose energy and excitement about the presents we may give or get for Christmas. It might get harder to show enthusiasm about decorating or baking but these celebrations have become a way of celebrating relationships, love, and friendships. The celebration becomes a time to renew appreciation and affirm the good in others. Christmas renews our faith and becomes a focus in the shortened days of winter.

      So today, I want to invite all of you, young and not so young in age but at heart, to find a way to spend some quality time with those whom you love – listening, smiling, laughing, nodding your heads, eating together, and just being together. Why not give “time” as a gift to the other in your lives rather than spending your time in shops and roadways? Why not look into the eyes of the other to see where they are for real and experience what is going on in their hearts?

I want to wish you a blessed week ahead. Spend a little less time in the busyness of the holidays and more in the presence of those whom you love.

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