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Member Talks: Dotti Kaiser on Plastics and the Environment

I am submitting this because I feel a calling to do so.

In our current BCP on page 384 it is quoted we pray, “For the good earth which God has given us, and for the wisdom and will to conserve it, let us pray to the Lord.”

It is my concern that we, not only in our congregation, but worldwide, are not doing much to preserve our planet for future generations. It has come to my attention that our waters, lakes, ponds, streams, and oceans have become polluted with plastics and much other garbage which cannot dissolve any time soon. It is said that by 2040, at the current rate of this type of disposal, there will be more plastics than fish and other wildlife in the waters. It is my feeling we are not doing much to conserve our planet. Plastics do not deteriorate like paper.

It is easy to say there is nothing I can do about it, but yes, there is. We, as individuals, can do only our little bit as I am trying to by spreading the word to others. We can stop the use of plastic bags where we shop by bringing our own fabric bags. Those who go boating should not dispose of plastic into our lakes, and most of us know that.

I write this because I am deeply concerned about this situation and want to do what I, as one person, can do.

Thank you,

Dotti Kaiser.