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Chill with God!

To wait for the fullness of time is in the best interest of all who follow Christ. As hard it might sound, chilling with God is a good thing. Worth the time and energy if we can just hang out with God and relax. Many times we do not realize how important it is to chill with God and not to worry a thing about life.

God the Father didn’t rush human salvation even though God had designed it before time began. There is logic to taking His pleasure time to bring about change to human condition. Listen more to under the mystery of chilling with God.

Spiritual Progressive Relaxation

Snow days are behind us. Or at least that’s my hope. I do miss seeing you all in church, and that has nothing to do with you, but with God’s act. I promise you; we cannot take insurance against God’s actions although there are companies that offer them when you buy electronics. God’s work is always beautiful, and it stretches our minds to see life differently. No insurance can “protect” us from being in God’s grace.
So today I want to invite you to allow the stretching of your minds to see how God is changing us as a community and as individuals. No spiritual change is possible without a personal transformation. No one becomes a better person remaining in the same place as before. The stagnant waters are always unhealthy, while the water that moves brings in new life and clean environment, and that is applied to Spiritual Life as well.
I want to invite you to allow the stretching process that is taking place at our church. New energy and new programs with new faces will only make us better people in the long run. This whole process of entering into seeing church life with new wonder is called “Spiritual Progressive Relaxation”. Remember this word when you participate in worship, liturgy, study and community life at St. James. Practice Spiritual Progressive Relaxation!

Manger Around The Corner

We are right around the corner from the manger of Christ. We are eager to know what this new season brings to us and what can we be excited about. The birth of Christ and all the celebration that goes with it, in reality, is all about new life. We all love new life, and we all can put away those moments of darkness and depression behind and rejoice. Human beings love stress free, happy and joyful moments.

I want to wish you a merry, blessed Christmas. I want to tell you; we are in a new and exciting time in the life of St. James. We are growing and changing. We are becoming new every day. Christ is among us, and I want to encourage you to experience the Lord in the community. Belong and Believe!

We will launch a new website on Christmas morning. I had been working on this site for two months. We will announce the easy to remember address on Christmas Morning! I also want to share with you of the several new programs coming in 2018: Four new worship services each month, contemplative retreats through the year, musical offerings at various times in the year, Christian formation activities and more. There is now, even more, a reason for people to come to St. James and belong. We will provide more opportunities for those who are seeking a non-invasive, spiritually abundant community to belong. I need your help to spread the word. Share our new website with your friends, on Facebook and with those who are seeking a new community.

Once again a blessed and joyful Christmas. May the choicest blessings of the Little Child of the manger be upon you and your family.